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Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures have been used since time immemorial to help in concentrating plant compounds in medicine for many plants including marijuana. All that one need is alcohol and it is easy to extract the medicine from the plants including the cannabis plant. There is the need to know that you no longer have to vape or smoke a joint for you to get the energizing effect. Sativa tincture has a lot of health benefits and hence the need to look for the best brand for you. The following are some of the reason a lot of people prefer using sativa tinctures over other cannabis edibles.

First, you need to know that you will learn your minimum effective dose (MED). Before taking any form of cannabis, it is important to understand the smallest amount that you need to help you in your treatment. The tinctures are one of the best ways to learn the smallest amount of weed that you need to begin treating your condition. This is a great way will help to make your treatment effective. The best thing with tinctures, unlike other marijuana forms, is that you can titrate drop by drop of it until you learn the dosage that is effective for your treatment.

You need to know that sativa tinctures are low-calorie. you will realize that among the cannabis edibles available in the market, the tinctures are the lowest calorie. This is not the case with the sativa tinctures as they are low calorie hence ideal for managing weight. An average tincture, for example, has 140 calories while other baked goods contain more than 200 calories. If you want to take care of your condition while minding your weight, the best thing that you can choose is to go for the sativa tinctures.

The sublingual application of cannabis tincture makes it be the reason a lot of people prefer in taking marijuana than the other forms. All you need is to take the dosage in your mouth, hold for about 15 seconds and it will be directly absorbed to the bloodstream. If you want to take marijuana without vaping or smoking, this is the best alternative that you have The most important thing is to ensure that you dilute the tincture to avoid feeling irritated by the alcohol content.

Tinctures have a long shelf-life. By keeping it in a cool and dark place, the tincture has a long shelf-life. To prevent it from evaporating, it is best that you tightly cap it. The other thing is to ensure that you shake well before use due to the separation that takes place over time.

It is for the above reason people choose to use cannabis tinctures when they want to take cannabis.

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